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Selling a home is stressful enough, but having your furry companions along for the ride presents unique challenges for sellers. While your four-legged friends may have a special place in your heart, potential buyers may not love Fido’s fur or Fluffy’s toys as much as you do.

Don’t worry—we have some tips on getting your home ready to sell…even if you’re living with a zoo!

Before Listing Your Home

Clean, clean, and clean again!

When you’re preparing to list your home, doing a deep clean should be one of the first things you do. However, when you have a pet, it becomes even more important. As much as we love our animals, it can be easy to ignore the side effects they have on our homes.

Make sure to remove all pet hair and use a pet-specific cleaner to deodorize surfaces that tend to hold on to smells. This is also a good time to repair any damage your pet may have caused, such as scratches on the wood floor or stains on the carpet.

Create a plan for showings

Don’t wait until five minutes before a showing to wonder what you’re going to do with your pet. Make a plan ahead of time to keep your pet in a secure area when buyers come in. If you are able, you can even take your pet with you or schedule a dog walker to come before the time of the showing.

If your pet does not already have a crate or carrier, now would be a good time to invest in one. Make sure they’re comfortable with it by putting treats or familiar toys inside ahead of time so they can acclimate themselves to their new space.

Don’t neglect your yard!

Your yard is a fun spot for your pet, but it’s also a crucial selling point for buyers. Make sure it looks great by repairing any damage to your grass. Don’t forget to pick up any leftover pet waste you might have forgotten. If your pet likes to dig, fill and patch any holes.

In addition, if you have an outdoor animal, you may want to transition them to becoming an indoor pet or come up with a plan to help them adapt.

While Your Home is on the Market

Secure your pet during showings.

Before you leave for a showing, make sure your pet has everything they need in their crate or carrier. If they are disruptive, consider taking them with you so buyers are not put off. Sometimes it is best to completely remove your pet from the home during showings, as buyers may have an allergy.

As you have more showings, you’ll find out what works best for both you and your furry friend.

Keep things clean!

Living with pets means that life is an adventure. This can also come with a lot of surprises, including accidents. After you initially deep clean before you list your home, make sure to maintain it.

Don’t forget to vacuum regularly and eliminate fur and dander right before showings. If your pets make any stains, take care of them right away. Remember, any damages that occur can prevent the sale of your home, so don’t put off fixing them!

Listen to potential buyers

Buyers will often leave feedback after a showing if a home is not right for them. Don’t let your pet be the reason why things go wrong.

If buyers mention that your dog is barking or if your cat litter is leaving a less than pleasant odor, take note and make changes. It may help during your next showing and can help you sell your home.

Ready to sell your home with pets?

We hope these tips will make selling your home with pets both quick and easy. Ready to take the next steps? Call us and let’s chat—we’d love to help!

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